Frequently Asked Questions

How disruptive is XTRAX to my organisation's infrastructure?

XTRAX is built on lightweight and non-invasive technology. It runs on our secure Cloud and scales up and down automatically. XTRAX was developed with resilience at the forefront so that it can provide an independent view of the landscape it is monitoring.

We do not have a legal requirement to track and trace messages through our architecture, should we still do it?

Message monitoring does not have to be done for compliance or legal reasons. In fact, it helps identify weak points in an architecture, supports root cause analysis, feeds into process and system improvements. Overall, it supports an organisation into gaining the most value out of their IT investments. It is worth pointing out that typically, the cost of rectification of missing messages increases the longer that time elapses.  Therefore, identifying issues quicker can mean much shorter time to rectify issues (sometimes automatically with no human intervention).  This alone can reduce operational costs.

There are many monitoring tools out there. What is different about XTRAX?

Monitoring tools tend to have a siloed approach. They do not correlate systems, applications, and messages together and in real-time. XTRAX looks at it as a whole and overlays all this information to give a unique and unified insight into an organisation’s architecture.

Why don't I just monitor messages reaching in the target system? Why do I need to monitor the entire flow?

You do not need to monitor your organisation’s entire landscape. Only systems on the critical path are monitored. XTRAX approach monitoring step by step, system by system, application by application, until there is no more “black box” and the landscape can be openly observed.

Can I run XTRAX on my own server infrastructure as I run highly classified data?

Yes!  XTRAX can be installed on your own infrastructure, however, the efficiencies we have built into our secure cloud may not extend to your architecture.  However, we are more than happy to discuss this with you in detail.

We already monitor all our servers & networks and know when they are down – why do I need XTRAX?

Monitoring your servers and network will tell you when they are down but they won’t necessarily tell you what has happened to the data that was ‘in-flight’ when this happened. Many applications have limited retries and then stop trying to send them.  XTRAX tracks and identifies EVERY message generated at source and tracks its progress to its final destination.  If a  message gets dropped we can tell you exactly which message, where, when and the reason in real-time so you can fix it before your end-users notice it or your systems are affected by it.  In fact, we regularly identify issues with applications, servers and networks long before other monitoring systems as a result of changes in data delivery performance.