Next-generation Data Monitoring & Compliance

Continuous tracking of cross-platform system data with near-zero latency enables your teams to detect, monitor, prioritise and rapidly respond to issues most likely to result in degraded data integrity and business interruption.

XTRAX gives you the flexibility to determine at a granular level precisely what business system data is tracked regardless of where it may reside. No more black boxes and compliance headaches. Significantly reduced response and resolution times.

Key Features

Proactive Monitoring

A live window into critical business systems enables data issues to be detected and resolved before they become a problem.

Real-Time Alerts

Smart alerts enable teams rapidly respond to data transmission issues that could lead to interruption.

Predictive Analytics

AI closely monitors data flow, detecting and highlighting abnormal message transfer patterns for further investigation.

Exception Management

Automatically monitors all business data, mitigating human error and reducing the burden on IT staff to catch issues.

Are Data Silos Giving you a Headache?

Benefit from a single view of data transmission across your entire network, effectively eliminating data silos that prevent your team from quickly identifying and resolving issues as soon as they occur. XTRAX ingests a vast range of data types but remains both unobtrusive and highly scalable.

Machine learning enables XTRAX to develop clear, predictable baselines against which system health can be optimised enabling smart alerts to be generated when data transmission patterns fall outside the normal range.

High Resilience and Availability

Extends to External Systems

Lightweight and Unobtrusive

Rapid Deployment

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