Fully Connected, Transparent Business Data

Providing total visibility of end to end data transmission, XTRAX full end to end monitoring enables business users to bring up to the minute data to the scene of every recommendation and business decision. Whether you’re concerned with operational performance, service delivery or compliance you can be confident that you’re equipped with accurate, verified and reliable data whatever the computing environment, system or location.

Full End to End Monitoring

No more repeated calls to your IT and development centres for assurance.

Key Features

Proactive Monitoring

A live window into critical business systems enables data issues to be detected and resolved before they become a problem.

Real-Time Alerts

Smart alerts enable teams rapidly respond to data transmission issues that could lead to interruption.

Predictive Analytics

AI closely monitors data flow, detecting and highlighting abnormal message transfer patterns for further investigation.

Exception Management

Automatically monitors all business data, mitigating human error and reducing the burden on IT staff to catch issues.

Has Business Data Got your Back?

For businesses heavily reliant on fast-moving, accurate data XTRAX provides a robust full end to end monitoring solution that scales across complex systems and locations. With real-time insight into the state and recency of your key business data, you can act in full confidence whether you’re making decisions, supporting other departments or serving customers.

High Resilience and Availability

Extends to External Systems

Lightweight and Unobtrusive

Rapid Deployment

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