When Legislative Compliance Places Controls On Your Supply Chain, How Can You Be Sure That ALL Your Data Has Reached the Authorities Before You Ship?

With the  global ratification of WHO’s anti-illicit Framework Convention for Tobacco Control (FCTC), the impact of missing transactions in the tobacco supply chain is having a significant effect on the efficiency of the physical supply chain with blocked shipments and rejected customs approvals causing delays and significant rework.

The existing method of siloed enterprise monitoring of  networks, servers and applications for up-time and performance is simply inadequate as the critical transactional data that is created, transformed and passed between multiple systems requires a deeper, more transparent form of monitoring that allows real-time identification and resending of individual failed transactions when systems, applications or networks fail.

XTRAX is already helping major clients to track, analyse and verify the status of their products before they get shipped so that the downstream supply chain works efficiently and without delay.

In addition to mitigating supply chain issues XTRAX, through machine learning and quantum indexing, is helping the entire supply chain actors to identify potential weaknesses in their systems and processes to introduce corrective and preventive actions before they have any commercial impact.

Other Legislative Compliance

Whilst XTRAX supports the EU TPD and FCTC tobacco legislations, other legislations governing manufacture of goods, like legislations in the Russian Federation’s EGAIS tracking of  Consumer Goods and EU pharmaceutical ‘falsified medicines’ directive 2011/62/EU can also be monitored.

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Can You Guarantee Your Data Has Reached Legislative Authorities In Time?

Connecting your existing shop floor, warehouse, shipping and logistics systems to XTRAX is easy.  XTRAX can then identify key events generated and ensure they are delivered to legislative authorities successfully.

Any errors can be spotted in real-time and corrective actions can be taken automatically by XTRAX.  Where a manual corrective event is required XTRAX can trigger notifications to your own ticket resolution systems or via the XTRAX app.

EU TPD / WHO FCTC Compatible

Can be easily deployed to new legislative markets as they come on board

Non intrusive, low cost monitoring across your entire physical & data supply chain

Spots errors and compliance issues quickly reducing risk and cost of rework

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