Critical Decisions Deserve Robust Data Assurance

XTRAX takes the typical diverse network of locations and systems data at the enterprise to create a live, unified window into your critical business data. From disparate internal systems to external supply chains and other data consumers, XTRAX provides proactive monitoring for critical business data to ensure that it is connected, flowing, accurate and reliable.

Proactive Monitoring for Critical Business Data

Our unobtrusive application reduces your reliance on fallible human monitoring, transforming reactive interventions when potential issues have already become real-world threats to business performance into real time operation foresight.

Key Features

Proactive Monitoring

A live window into critical business systems enables data issues to be detected and resolved before they become a problem.

Real-Time Alerts

Smart alerts enable teams rapidly respond to data transmission issues that could lead to interruption.

Predictive Analytics

AI closely monitors data flow, detecting and highlighting abnormal message transfer patterns for further investigation.

Exception Management

Automatically monitors all business data, mitigating human error and reducing the burden on IT staff to catch issues.

Is Your Data Fit For Purpose?

Whether your priority is to drive compliance, improve business processes or capitalise on new opportunities, inconsistencies and irregularities in critical business data regularly undermine decision making and blunt competitive advantage.

XTRAX has been designed to deal with the pervasive issue of poor data reconciliation and to allow you to answer the question ‘how good is my data?’.We enable robust decision making and provide a platform to demonstrate sound governance that gives markets and shareholders confidence.

Quantifies Data Quality

De-risks Data Driven Decisions

Integrates with Existing Systems

Enables Robust Data Compliance

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