About XTRAX – Accurate data across the data supply chain

XTRAX ensures that accurate data is passed across the data supply chain within your organisation and to the extended supply chain.

With millions of transactions occurring daily, it’s almost impossible to track, capture and fix every piece of data that fails during a transaction. We see the same challenges in organisations across the globe and they have the same question – How to provide data assurance and data quality across the data supply chain?

We built XTRAX to answer the most pressing questions that undermine business performance but often go unaddressed; Do I have accurate data? Is it complete? Is it up to date and can I rely on it?

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XTRAX Origins

We are a team of experienced Data Scientists and Consultants who have worked extensively across both IT, data and operations landscapes. Together we have over 140 years of combined experience.

We know that businesses can’t survive without accurate, reliable and complete data. Without it, it becomes almost impossible to make forecasts, develop strategies or identify trends. Yet the data used to create business-critical reports is rarely sense checked or audited once a system has gone live. Critical business decisions are all too often unwittingly taken on the basis of reports that are incomplete and have been so for a number of months or years. It’s a costly assumption.

We’ve worked some of the largest ERP projects, integrating multiple systems across all continents and witnessed the problem first hand; despite vigorous testing for quality and performance, there were situations out of an organisations control that caused data to fail in transit. Little has changed over 30 years. In fact, due to the increase in data integration across systems the problem has become more acute.

We built Xtrax to solve this problem and to shine a light into every single data black-box and monitor the state of every transaction that passes through your systems to track and reconcile the time-critical data that your business depends upon.